Jacobson's Repurposing Supercomputers Article Published in CIO Review

Government and industry alike invest heavily in massive computer systems to satisfy the insatiable demand for compute power of today’s society. Compared to other types of equipment, computers have an unusually short life-span. After only a few years of operation most computers are replaced with faster, better, systems. With all this hardware being continuously decommissioned, where does it all go? 

Andree Jacobson, CIO for the New Mexico Consortium (NMC) wrote about the fate of these decommissioned supercomputers in the February 2016 publication of CIO Review. To read his article, Repurposing Supercomputers: What happens on "The Other Side" click here

Jacobson speaks at NMAC Legislative Conference

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    Category: News
    Written by Carrie Talus

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